Making a Violin Cake

My daughter requested a violin cake for her birthday. I took photos as I went to show the process.

20110627-045900.jpgFirst, find a violin to trace onto paper.

Cut out your template.




It helps to have a violin that is the same size as your cake pan.



Begin to panic that you have frosted all the violin-y nuance right out of the cake and have made a guitar instead.


Feel proud of your idea to make the neck out of rice crispy treats.


Decorate & add sparkles.
Pro tip: outlining in chocolate makes it look less sloppy!
Realize you have totally made a guitar. Brace yourself for the comments.


Eat some of the neck and decide it doesn’t matter if it’s a violin or a banjo or a mandolin. It’s fricking delish.


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  1. atrippy says:

    It’s totally a violin! It’s the right amount of scrolly. It’s beautiful! And, yes, when it’s eatin’ time, the flavor is what counts.

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