musings from the bowels of Facebeg

I’ve found when an issue is raised that requires attention, many people feel uncomfortable with the change required, so they shift the focus onto something else, like moral purity, to keep from accepting that change should take place. in doing this, they not only keep the change from happening, they also keep others from learning about the issue at hand.
activists need not be morally pure to make change. they only need be committed in the face of apathy & fear.


About summer

vegan since 2001. currently on a journey of improving my digestion. interested in nutrition, whales, art, music, making stuff, & reading.
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  1. Jennifer Hauge says:

    Do you organize the vegan potlucks in Salem that I’ve heard about? If so, do you have plans for another one in the near future? I’d love to join in if I can get the details on date, time, location, etc.! Thanks.

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