Recipe Tweak of the Week – Pumpkin Cornbread

Internet, I make a lot of new recipes. But I have a hard time calling them new, because more often than now, they’re some sort of variation on a previous recipe, from my book or from another author. My inner perfectionist has Issues letting these sorts of recipes get published. It feels like cheating. But, I tweak recipes so often, because I am easily bored with my food, and the results are often ones I want to share. This blog has been awfully quiet lately, so, I’m making a deal with inner perfectionist to allow these “not new” recipes to be shared, since it helps me to get my butt in the chair & write. Everyone wins!

ThisĀ inauguralĀ recipe is perfect for the season of all things pumpkin. The base is the recipe for cornbread (titled, simply, “Cornbread”) in my book, The Glad Cow Cookbook, page 21.

Before I explain the pumpkin-ifying (pumpkinification? pumping up the pumpkin?), I’d like to write a little about the versatility of the cornbread recipe. Since eating gluten free, I found that this recipe turns out well without wheat. I usually swap out rice flour for the wheat flour, but have also found that sorghum and amaranth also work. I have found chia eggs work best for the egg replacer when making this gluten free. If you haven’t used chia for replacing eggs before, it’s dead simple. One teaspoon chia seeds mixed with a quarter cup of water equals one egg. Stir the seeds occasionally until they suspend in the water. Space out on that for awhile, because it looks so cool, then proceed. The cornbread recipe calls for the equivalent of two eggs, so use two teaspoons chia with a half cup of water. I usually add a couple Tablespoons of starch (corn or arrowroot) as insurance when giving this recipe gluten freedom. Lastly, when making gluten free items in general, I find they turn out better when made individually-sized. Gluten free flour doesn’t have the protein matrix that wheat flour does, and sometimes this leads to issues in larger end products. Muffin tins work great for the cornbread, & the recipe makes one even dozen.

Okay, pumpkin! The recipe originally calls for 2 Tablespoons of applesauce. Leave this out & add one heaping quarter cup of canned pumpkin instead. Leave out the nutritional yeast in the original recipe, I find the flavors clash a bit. If you like your pumpkin spiced, add 1 teaspoon each cinnamon & ginger along with a half a teaspoon of cloves. 1-2 teaspoons curry powder would be great for a savory muffin. If you like crunchies, pumpkin seeds and or pecans are awesome, about a quarter cup will do.

I’ve been making a version of these for a few weeks & am completely addicted. I slather them generously with Earth Balance margarine & plow through three in a sitting. Join me?

Now, how to apply this pumpkin tweak to an existing baking recipe? Over the years, I’ve found a formula that works quite well; replace the fat in the recipe with twice as much pumpkin. I quite like fat, so I often add a Tablespoon or so of oil in addition to the pumpkin, but it’s not needed. I have found this works well in all kinds of foods from bread & rolls to scones & muffins.

Any pumpkin left in your can? Add a few Tablespoons to your soup, homemade or canned. I find it goes quite well with a tomato-based vegetable & bean soup. Or, like the serving suggestion that goes with the cornbread, add some to your World Famous Chili (page 50).



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