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  1. Roxanne Magnuson says:

    Hi Summer,

    We are hoping you would consider offering a presentation and book signing for us here at LifeSource. We’ve recently opened a Community Room for such things and would be grateful to have you as one of our speakers.

    We also might be able to accommodate a simple cooking class/demonstration, if that would be of interest.

    Our annual Spring Customer Appreciation Food Fair is coming up in just about a month, on May 12th. Might you consider working with us on that day? If not then, and if this idea interests you, when might work?

    Anita just let me know that you have a new book coming out soon. Maybe we could be part of your book tour?

    Thanks for considering our request, and for helping Salem be a healthier place!

    Be Well,
    Marketing and Outreach Director
    LifeSource Natural Foods

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